First, some basic facts: Eugenio is one of the oldest and most firmly established
painting contractors in the nation.

We’ve grown from a modest, local enterprise to a leading, national industrial
and commercial contractor for such clients as Ford, GM, Chrysler, and major casinos
as continuing customers. We’ve also expanded into one of the most versatile
contractors, with services that encompass vast, complex industrial jobs, smaller
commercial work, and even artisan restoration.

As our client base has spread outward, so has our reputation for quality and safety.
Today, the name of Eugenio has become synonymous with quality management,
crews and materials along with dependable job safety.

Those are the facts. Behind the facts is a story. Three generations of a family
focused on developing every aspect of the business. And then translating that
expertise into winning performance.

commerical building ceiling paint
A firm built on the foundation of invaluable experience, knowledge and a family's dedication to excellence.